Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tip-Z Truffles by Angelika Gebhardt

Every year I have made Truffles for the Holidays. This year I decided to start a Truffle business. I was looking for the right name and first was thinking to use a german name. "Beschwipste Trueffeln" came to my mind but it doesn't really sound right here in the US. The translation of "beschwipst" is tipsy, and to make it a bit more creative, my son Tobias suggested to spell it TipZ Truffles. And so my business name was born.
A variety of flavors enriched with delicious liquors and the finest chocolates and ingredients, my Truffles are unique.
All Truffles containing alcohol are also available in Virgin/Non-alcoholic.
These Truffles are handmade, no preservatives, have a shelvelife of about 1 week and they will stay fresh longer if they are stored in the freezer. But I am sure once you taste them, they don't even last a day.
To order Truffles, contact me at or call (805) 290-3881.
I need to thank my son Tobias Gebhardt for his awesome design of my logo and the menu, you are the best.